"Made in Virginia Award" and Donation to Woodbridge Senior High School!

     George Preston, of SAI Engineering, was one of 4 Virginia Lottery award winners for their "Made in Virginia" program ( https://madeinvirginia.com/ ), and directed the $9,000 donation check to Woodbridge Senior High School (On January 7, 2019).  Pictured from left to right:

  • Alan Ross (Former WSHS Principal, Coach and Teacher)
  • Jacqueline Severance (Internal Communications Specialist, Virginia Lottery)
  • George Preston, PE (Principal Mechanical Engineer and Co-Owner of SAI Engineering)
  • Heather Abney (Current Principal of Woodbridge Senior High)

     He was nominated by Stephanie Saylor and Maria Paslick of SAI Engineering.   The Virginia Lottery has put over nine billion dollars ($9,000,000,000) into Education in Virginia and this new advertising campaign is designed to highlight students who spent K-12 at public schools in Virginia and went on to some notable success as well as finding ways to give back to the community.   (George Preston attended the following VA public schools:  John Adams Elementary, Lake Ridge Middle, Woodbridge High, and Virginia Tech.   And through leadership guidance from Maury Paslick, Maria Paslick and Dan Zito, he is now Principal Mechanical Engineer and Co-Owner of SAI Engineering with Mohamed Abdelmeguid, located here in Woodbridge, VA).  

    The Virginia Lottery is presenting WSHS a $5,000 cash prize and a $4,000 credit with "Supply Room" for supplies or furniture needed by the school. Some of those proceeds will be going to the Robotics/Engineering Program at WSHS headed by Carlos Castro, who have won many awards.  In addition, they were filming a TV commercial spot that will air in a few weeks.  

    Jacob Lasrado, a former engineering student of Carlos Castro, and current employee of SAI Engineering, was able to take part in the events that day as well and reconnect with his old teacher.   Back in 2013, Jacob, then a senior at Woodbridge Senior High, received a scholarship award from SAI Engineering, on behalf of S.P.A.R.K.  He later joined the SAI Engineering team in 2017.  

     George, is very thankful for winning the award, and hopes the VA Lottery donation to WSHS will be a little help for one of the oldest/original high schools in Prince William County!    Thank you to the Virginia Lottery Team and to Woodbridge Senior High School.   A TV commercial will air a few weeks, and we will keep you posted as to when that airs!


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