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The Latest in Lighting Fixtures

This month the SAI Electrical engineering design team attended a demonstration of the latest LED (light emitting diode) products offered by LSI in order to stay current on the latest in energy efficent lighting fixtures. LED technology is a highly efficient lighting alternative to the more traditional high pressure sodium and metal halide lamp technologies. Last month, Maury Paslick attended an Elliptipar seminar at the company's Connecticut headquarters where he not only earned 3 CEU's but also saw one of SAI's projects, the Loy Harris Pavilion in Manassas, Virginia, featured in the Company's product slide presentation. One day later, Maury and his wife enjoyed a gala event benefitting CASA of Greater Prince William held at the same Pavilion (see SAI's photo gallery). Thanks to Eric Immediato of Chesapeake Lighting and Ritchie Cox of Commercial Lighting Sales for arranging these two "enlightening" workshops.

Where in the World are former SAI Engineering Interns

SAI Engineering has had a vigorous internship program during the course of its 14-year history. The purpose of the internship is to familiarize both high school and college interns with the engineering field in general and MEP engineering in particular. Some find it is not for them which is a valuable learning experience in itself. Others pursue related careers such as project management. Still others go on to further education or with firms in different parts of the country. Brian Myhre and Ben Kidd who worked several summers for SAI Engineering have gone on to work on advanced degrees. Brian, a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School and MIT, is currently attending Harvard for his MBA after which he plans to return to Texas working for a consulting firm . Ben, a graduate of Hylton High School and the University of Virginia, recently completed his masters in electrical engineering at UVA and is now designing circuits and panelboards for a Charlottesville firm. Mike Hovanec and Jamie

PWCS Education Foundation

SAI Engineering is a proud sponsor of the Prince William County Schools Education Foundation. The Education Foundation will be having its 9th annual Superintendent's Business Breakfast at the Kelly Leadership Center on October 15th at 8 a.m., with employees of SAI Engineering in attendance.

First Post

This is a test of SAI Engineering's first blog post. Maria Paslick went to a Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce event where they discussed many different ways of communicating online. One was a creating a blog, which we are now implementing.