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SAI Team Building Event!

This month, SAI Engineering, embarked on a new challenge! A corporate team building event held at Laser Quest in Woodbridge.  We put our collective brains together to try and solve an Escape Room, and also put our wits to the test in a laser tag match.  Both SAI Engineering and Laser Quest are members of the Prince William Chamber.   We hope to build on this event, and to build collectively as team going forward.  

Maury and Maria Paslick - Semi-Retirement Celebration!

Earlier this year, we celebrated the amazing achievements of two our founding members,  as they embark on their next journey of retirement!  They are still with SAI as senior advisers and ambassadors, to help guide all of us forward.  Maury Paslick, PE Maria Paslick Both of these individuals have done remarkable things in their careers, and will be missed in the day-to-day operations here at SAI.  We look forward to hearing about their adventures, their traveling, and with their grandkids.   We presented them with a signature clock and inscription, that they can cherish in the future.  Thank you so much Maury and Maria for your guidance and expertise through the years!

SAI Transition Announcement! (May 2018)

We are proud to announce the promotion of two of our valuable team members! George A. Preston, PE  President and Chief Operating Officer (Principal Mechanical Engineer) Mohamed F. Abdelmeguid, PE     Vice President and Chief Executive Officer (Principal Electrical Engineer)      Both men have extensive experience in the engineering sector and will be integral to the future success of our company.  Mr. Preston began his career with SAI 13 years ago and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in mechanical engineering in Virginia, Maryland, and DC.  He is also a LEED AP associate with valueable AutoCad and other software/technology related skills.   Mr. Abdelmeguid also began his career with SAI in the late 90's and returns as a nationally certified Professional Engineer in electrical engineering in Virignia, Maryland, and DC.  He has gained knowledge in both REVIT and AutoCad with additional experience in the communications industry.     Maury and Maria Paslick, the foundin